This project, show how it's possible to make decoration and architecture design with Dimension. All images are in 3840px by 2160px and 254 PPI. At the end of the project "8K" rendering will be available soon. 
You can see the evolution with the first picture and the last one
The cushions have been removed because they do not satisfy the positioning
Many 3D objects from Adobe Stock like the rose, car, Nasa capsule ... The chocolate was made with Dimension and this project will be soon online. 
This is the final result! and the "8K" renders will be available very soon. stay tuned;
And now the AERO file and all the assets in GLB if you want to create your own.
Tell me what you think and show me what you do!
This is the link for AERO :

And the link if you want downloaded the assets :

All is free! If you ever use the elements, I just ask you to mention the source, me. Hope you can have fun!

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